AG ADVENTURE TENT Return to Events

Date/Time: July 30 - August 4, 2024

The Ag Adventure Tent is an interactive, informational exhibit at the Wisconsin Valley Fair. Over 2,000 fair goers have visited the tent annually to learn about new, innovative agriculture products, farming practices, and a variety of other agriculture-related topics at booths and exhibits. Nearly all of the exhibits are staffed by farmers and/or agribusiness representatives. As a result, education is provided on topics like profitable farming systems, safety on the roads with farm machinery, and new farming products to increase product yields and efficiency in agriculture. Participating farmers become more aware of alternative enterprises that may increase profitability and efficiency. The community also benefits by developing an appreciation for modern farming practices and agriculture in general, which increases community support of agriculture initiatives and progress. The Ag Adventure Tent prides itself on offering hands-on, interactive displays, product samples and educational opportunities for visitors of all ages!

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